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Atlas Orthogonal –Your Path to Achieving Better Health

Atlas orthogonal in Anchorage AK is an upper cervical technique like no other. Thousands of patients rave about its promising potential as a natural remedy. Essentially, this upper cervical method provides profound healing to people suffering from longstanding symptoms like headaches, neck pain, vertigo, migraines, and more.

It uses a specialized percussion instrument that applies pulsating vibrations on the C1 or atlas bones. With the adjustments provided by an atlas orthogonal practitioner, you can fix postural imbalances and ensure that your head doesn’t tilt in an awkward position. It also helps eliminate neurovascular compression – one of the leading reasons why specific symptoms and conditions develop.

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The C1 Bone: What It Is and Why It Matters in Anchorage AK

Unlike most upper cervical techniques, atlas orthogonal only focuses on one bone, the atlas. Essentially, the atlas bone is the topmost spinal bone that sits underneath the spine. On average, this vertebral bone weighs around 2 ounces and supports the weight of the skull, which ranges from 10 to 2 ounces. Its unique design also allows for maximum head movements, so you can easily tilt the head at various angles.

Besides keeping the head upright, the atlas or C1 bone also performs other functions, such as:

  • Holding the vertebral artery in place
  • Supporting the topmost portion of the spinal cord – your brainstem

When the C1 bone fails to do its function, the skull becomes off-centered. This pushes the rest of your body parts to compromise their alignment so your head stays in an upright position. This chain of events can also trigger additional problems like:

Neurovascular compression

The pressure from the misaligned atlas compresses the nerves and blood vessels found in your spinal column. This affects the volume of blood flowing into the brainstem – the nervous system’s information highway. Consequently, several functions of the brainstem, including blood pressure regulation and digestion, become impaired, leaving you vulnerable to all kinds of health concerns, including:

  • Migraines
  • Back pain
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Vertigo attacks
  • Chronic neck pain

Unleveled shoulders, hips, and legs

Besides the spine, several body parts have to compensate for the changes. These can include the arms, shoulders, hips, and legs. The unleveled limbs can affect your gait and balance, making you susceptible to falling, tripping, or slipping. You might also have twisted muscle fibers and nerve roots because of the changes your body needs to adapt to your head's new position.

Until you fix your atlas alignment, the problems above will persist and wreak havoc on your body. You also become at risk of irreversible nerve damage, leading to muscle wasting and loss of sensation in the innervated body part. The sooner you get your C1 adjusted, the better chances you have of preventing serious health repercussions.

Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments Can Help

Thousands of patients suffering from many health problems because of atlas misalignment have found massive relief thanks to atlas orthogonal. This technique works well in repositioning the C1 bones using a unique tool equipped with a thin stylus that sends low-force vibrations to the affected neck part. It uses precise measurements from 3D X-ray scans of the neck, allowing an upper cervical doctor to gauge how many adjustments you might need.

FAQS on Atlas Orthogonal

Still have doubts about the atlas orthogonal technique? Like most patients seeking a new remedy for the first time, you might also have several questions about upper cervical care or atlas orthogonal spinal correction. Let us help you ease your worries by answering some of the leading atlas orthogonal FAQs below.


The atlas orthogonal procedure focuses on the C1 bones and uses a percussion instrument to provide precise and delicate neck bone adjustments.

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